• The Kingdom of God

    We equip members of the community through conducting classes and workshops on what it means to be the Kingdom citizens as taught in the Bible and in relations to one’s personal life, community life and the challenges thereof.

  • Bible classes

    We teach to equip community and church members on how to handle the Bible for all its worth. These workshops include Hermeneutics and Bible survey.

  • Love, relationships and marriage

    We are very passionate about and value family as an institution. To that effect we prepare couples for marriage and intervene where there are challenges. Our areas of focus are pre-marital counselling, marriage crises management and marriage enrichment programs.

  • Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation

    we run a program to assist people struggling with substance abuse. The program is aimed at ensuring that addicts get their lives restored and never relapse. We are currently running this program for the City of Joburg.

  • Community Development

    Among many community development programs. GNM programs focuses on the restoration of the family, communities and the relationships therein. This includes responding to the material needs through our benevolence division,

  • The soul of the nation

    Tson is our new program that responds to the immaterial challenges such as violence, corruption, lack of respect for life and others. These are matters of ubuntu, morality, ethics and righteousness.

  • CEO’s prayer breakfast

    A forum for Ceo’s and owners of businesses and companies. It is the safest space whereby company and business leaders  replenish and receive prayers for themselves and their respective businesses