GN Ministries founded and planted Men-In-Prayer (MIP), a now very well established brand on men’s issues. Men-In-Prayer has been a catalyst for change in many a man’s life in Gauteng. Men-In-Prayer has for many years led many men to Jesus and have taught them His ways and thus restoring them to their divine place in the Kingdom of God. These men have impacted their world in ways unimaginable.

MIP is now planting two new chapters in Durban.

Kairos Women, a sister organisation to MIP is also GN Ministries subsidiary organisation. Its focus is on preparing women for leadership positions in the public space, either as professionals or entrepreneurs looking to bring a social revolution in their area of gifting.

The School of Excellence is our outlet for leadership training, public speaker development and training for prayer warriors. The School of Excellence hopes to turn raw talent into global ready leaders and public speakers. The School of Excellence is a vehicle for GN Ministries to ensure that members of its subsidiary organisations are sustained and prepared for use as vessels for impacting society and changing the landscape of our country and continent.

GN Ministries develops and runs joint events for its subsidiary organisations annually. These events are designed to reach out to the underprivileged of our communities and also to help our members develop a sense of compassion for humanity and giving.

GN Ministries, like most South Africans is concerned about the recent spate of violent events. We understand that any society is governed efficiently by political leadership, civil society leadership, business leadership and faith based organisations. The inclusion of these structures maintains a balanced social structure with integrity.

We understand that a healthy society is one where its people receive good counsel from its leaders. It is also understood that families are a reliable foundation for any society. Families in a normal society are headed by at least one (responsible) adult with a job. However this is not the case in South Africa. Many households are without any income and some are headed by children of school going age. This is the root of many of the country’s problems. Adults who are faced with the frustration of bread and butter issues have little or no time to attend to the moral needs of their families. Children who are burdened with providing for their younger siblings are often forced into a life of crime and prostitution.

GN Ministries together with its subsidiary organisations, MIP and Kairos Women have identified as pressure point the moral decay of our society.

As a faith based organisation we believe we have been called to deal with the moral character of our society. We believe the following pressure points affect the moral state of our country and lead to much violence and degradation.